Capture Fairfield and win

Capture Fairfield and win

Fairfield City has environmental beauty, interesting people and a colourful and rich culture. We are on the look out for the best artistic interpretations of this, with the launch of this year's Capture Fairfield Visual Arts and Photography Competition. This year's theme is 'Love Where You Live - Support, Protect and Explore', and there is a prize pool of more than $8000 up for grabs.

Entries are now open and submissions can include photography, 2D or 3D art, sculpture, collage or video. We know that our residents are passionate about protecting and preserving the local environment. That's why we have introduced a new 'Waste to Art' category for primary schools, in addition to the visual arts and photography categories. The new category aims to inspire students to think differently about waste, litter and over-consumption while showcasing their artistic abilities.

The artwork submissions of this category are to be a combined class effort involving repurposing recycled materials into art, and is available to classes in years 3 to 6. I want to challenge these students' perceptions around rubbish and waste and celebrate this through arts and craft. I encourage teachers to get involved, get creative and enter their class artworks into this new category.

From beginners with a unique concept to more seasoned artists, photographers and graphic design gurus, the competition is open to everyone.

I look forward to seeing some of the young talent of our community and the creative works of reused and recycled waste made by our primary school students.

Submissions close midnight, June 26and the successful winners will be announced on July 26.

Entries will be displayed at an exhibition in the Council Chambers foyer and at Whitlam Library.