Ensuring zero barriers for people with disabilities

Bondeno Cafe has joined Zero Barriers.
Bondeno Cafe has joined Zero Barriers.

Zero Barriers has partnered with Fairfield Council in providing inclusive and accessible public spaces.

An initiative of The Multicultural Network, Zero Barriers offers free business and service support designed to eliminate barriers for people with disabilities when shopping, using services or participating in their community.

Zero Barriers director Sue Huxtable-Jones said they have has been supported by five councils in NSW and are anticipating a larger rollout next year.

"Zero Barriers initiative will help to break down barriers and change business attitudes towards people with disabilities," she said.

"One in five people in NSW have a disability. By being a more inclusive business, you will increase your customer base and offer more choice to the local community".

So how does it work?

A business or service takes the Zero Barriers self assessment to determine how accessible and inclusive they are and then implement changes to reduce barriers for people with disability or in need of assistance. They then are awarded the Zero Barriers logo sticker to display in their shopfront as well as a digital logo to use on their promotional material and website.

In June 2022, The Multicultural Network will be hosting the Zero Barriers Business excellence award for all businesses and services that register.

  • You can nominate a business by visiting the Zero Barriers website. Details: zerobarriers.net.au.