Celebrity sheep front sales campaign for 28 Hexham Street, Kahibah

A celebrity sheep has become the face of one of NSW's most colourful houses and sales campaigns.

Louie the Sheep, who has a social media following and has met The Proclaimers, is being used as a celebrity endorsement for his owners' home at Kahibah in the NSW Hunter region.

The four-bedroom home went to auction on Wednesday with a guide of $1.1 million to $1.3 million.

Louie, who is regularly seen at Newcastle's beaches, will be in attendance at the auction and has been promised a bag of chips as "commission" when the house sells.

"We totally are going to give him a whole packet of chips," owner Rachel King said.

"He has had chips before, but I don't think chips are good for sheep so it's not like we give him heaps.

"When he sells the house he's going to get a whole packet."


A family home for the past 14 years, 28 Hexham Street is packed with features every bit as fun as its rainbow theme.

A huge skylight adorns one of the bedrooms, cat stairs and gantries make it a perfect pet home, and a fireman's pole connects two levels.

"Pretty much all the colours you see, most of them were there before but we've repainted everything," Ms King said.

"The fire pole's great fun - you can fang down there in a couple of seconds.

"If we have dinner parties and you've got kids coming over, they stare at the pole for about 10 minutes getting their courage up and after they've gone down it slowly they're up and down it all night.

"We've had a lot of interest - we know the house is wacky and doesn't necessarily suit everybody.

"There must be a reason why every single house on the market is grey and beige and 17 shades of white, so you think 'maybe people won't like it', but people really do."

The fireman's pole.

The fireman's pole.

Ms King encouraged home owners not to be afraid to make their home their own.

"One of the things that is inspiring is once you do buy a house you can do whatever you want - you can smash a hole in that wall.

"I think sometimes people are a bit scared to do something out of the ordinary, they think 'what if we have to sell it again in five years?'

"Make it how you really want it."

Once an orphaned lamb, Louie the Sheep has been a much-loved member of Ms King's family for seven years.

In recent times he has been at the centre of a fanzine and been spotted at a COVID testing clinic in Belmont.

"We try and get him out most days and he really likes it," Ms King said.

"We just bundle him in the back of the hatchback, drive to the beach and just go for a walk.

"He gets stopped for a lot of pats. That's his life, that and trying to bust into the house and steal things out of the fridge, they're his favourite hobbies."


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