Podcast: Hurricane Fall on their country music sound and heavy metal rock influence

Hurricane Fall band members Pepper Deroy, Jesse Vee, Lachlan Coffey, Tim Hickey and Luke Wheeldon.
Hurricane Fall band members Pepper Deroy, Jesse Vee, Lachlan Coffey, Tim Hickey and Luke Wheeldon.

The boys from Hurricane Fall pride themselves on delivering one of the best live shows in the country.

Thinking of what they wanted to deliver for an audience led to the inspired name.

"Whenever we've done concerts and shows together, it was kind of like a hurricane had come through, it was cups everywhere, it was like the fall of the hurricane, the left over debris from a big storm," singer and guitarist Jesse Vee explained.

Part of the power in their live performance is no doubt due to the hard rock and heavy metal sounds that influenced the boys growing up in the 1990s.

After working the rock band scene in pubs around Newcastle, they decided to go back to their home town roots and the country scene of Tamworth.

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Vee and fellow band members Pepper Deroy, Lachlan Coffey, Tim Hickey and Luke Wheeldon, have a variety of musical tastes, Vee says.

What has emerged is a sounds he describes as country rock-pop.

There's no disputing their on-stage impact. The lads were voted Best Live Act at the Tamworth Country Music Festival in 2016.

Hurricane Fall notched another significant milestone at the festival in 2019, with their first album launch, live at the Longyard Hotel. The show sold out.

"It was an unbelievable feat that we'd come this far," Vee said.

The band had been planning to be back at the Tamworth Country Music Festival again this January, until it was postponed due to surging coronavirus cases.

"Like all musicians, the extended lockdown had us caged in the COVID zoo," Deroy said.

They are still hoping for a regional tour, including festivals such as the Deni Ute Muster, Gympie Music Muster and VDM Fest, all of which have been rescheduled from 2021.

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"We have never been more excited to hit the stage with a brand new show and heaps of new material," Deroy says.

That new material includes their latest track, Good One, a song that explores the theme of looking for the love of the right person, in a world where too many things are competing for our attention.

"It's an upbeat song about the search for 'the one' and holding out for the ever-elusive forever love! It's all about enjoying the journey to the transcendent dream of true love," Deroy says.

Recorded at Msquared Productions and produced by Michael Paynter and Michael Delorenzis in Melbourne, Good One, like the band's other recent singles, was recorded over Zoom due to COVID restrictions. It's a track that has a highly polished sound but with mud on its boots.

Their earlier single Another One More Time has received more than 800,000 streams to date, along with playlist additions on Spotify's Fresh Country, New Music Nashville and New Music Friday playlists.

The Tamworth Country Music Festival has been rescheduled for April 18-24.

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