Soft pastels are on trend for a summer garden display

Getting colourful this summer.
Getting colourful this summer.

Preparing the garden for the Christmas holiday season should begin now to get the most out of the inclusion of summer annuals and strategically placed lighting.

Annuals are the best way to bring colour into the garden and these short term displays allow for seasonal changes in colour schemes.

Plants are a bit like fashion, trends change from season to season. This year pastels are trending, which means the best-looking gardens will be sporting flowers in the soft colour range.

You can achieve a stunning display either by mass planting in garden beds or by arranging a group of colourful pots and hanging baskets. Softer hues of blue, pink and white provide a cool appearance, a refreshing change on those hot summer days.

If the soft pastel colours are not to your liking there are plenty of other choices available at your garden centre.

Some of the best selections for a summer display are petunias and calibrachoa, which give longer lasting displays than most other annuals and come in a wide range of colours, textures, and patterns.

No matter the season, annuals provide us the opportunity to change the colour and texture of the garden with relative ease.

Whatever your preference, there are annuals in every colour of the rainbow that can help transform your garden. Plant them now and you will be rewarded with a stunning display for the festive season.

Containers of plants also make striking features to highlight with garden lighting. Lighting can really extend the use of your garden after dark and bring a whole new dimension to the outdoor experience.

The aim is not to flood the garden with light, but rather to create intrigue and interest through selecting specific features within the garden and highlighting them with subtle beams of light.

Expand your lighting choices to include electroluminescent tapes and panels and the garden moves into a whole new dimension again.

The use of LED lighting in tree swings and other play equipment will generate even more interest in the garden. Appropriately lit water features can come to life at night with subtle lights that capture and reflect the droplets. So light up your life this season and switch on to garden lighting.

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