Voice of Real Australia: Floods, snow and fire warnings: This is spring

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LEFT: Snow in Tasmania. Photo: Yossarian_and_Sarah. RIGHT: Flooding at Forbes. Photo: Craig Dwyer.

LEFT: Snow in Tasmania. Photo: Yossarian_and_Sarah. RIGHT: Flooding at Forbes. Photo: Craig Dwyer.

It seems like no matter where you are in Australia something has been a little bit wrong with the weather lately.

Yesterday it was snowing. Snowing. In mid-November.

But there it was, thick on the ground across the NSW and Victorian snowfields and down as low as 200 metres in Tasmania.

Hobart shivered through its coldest night since 1953.

While WA and the NT were looking at temperatures heading towards the 40s and fire warnings were active in places in WA due to the gusty, hot and dry conditions.

Those in NSW's Central West are still looking down the barrel of floods, as waters continue to rise around Forbes following last week's big rains that fell across most parts of the country.

The rain brought harvest to a stop and put communities across Queensland and NSW on flood alert.

But there is some good news for NSW's Liverpool Plains farmers with not all hope of a good harvest lost.

Farmer John Hamparsum said it was rain that delayed him panting his crop in during winter - and that's turned into a blessing.

"But we're probably two, to two and a half weeks away from harvest here, so the crops are still just turning now and the rain shouldn't impact those crops too much.

"Aside from that, a lot of it will probably fall down with the wind and the rain, and we'll have a little bit of trouble picking it up off the ground."

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Just outside Canberra and Lake George is looking wet for once.

For some context for those who don't know the curious lake, it's been largely dry for most of my life and generally has livestock grazing on it, giving it the appearance of a sunken paddock more than a lake.

So much so the first time I drove to the nation's capital and my mum asked how Lake George was looking I responded "I didn't pass any lakes!"

While the rest of us enjoy throwing some well-out-of-season snowballs or seeing water in an always dry lake our thoughts are with the town of Forbes, while they might be used to floods, that never makes them easier.

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