It's paramount local councils reflect the community: Minister

It's paramount local councils reflect the community: Minister

Local Government Minister Shelley Hancock is calling on women, young people, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander residents and members of multicultural communities to nominate for the December 4 Local Government Election. Nomination close on November 3,

Mrs Hancock said it's time to increase the diversity on local councils.

"It is paramount that our local council continues to be reflective of our local community and that's why I'm encouraging people from all walks of life to run for election this December," said Mrs Hancock, who served for 17 years on Shoalhaven City Council.

"Our local council plays a vital role in making our community a better place to live, work and play and our councillors make important decisions on behalf of our local residents.

"If you have a strong sense of community and are keen to make a difference in your local neighbourhood, then you should nominate for the December 4 local government elections."

Meanwhile, voters are being encouraged to check their voting options for with all voters now eligible to vote before election day and expanded eligibility for postal voting. iVote, the Commission's technology-assisted online and telephone voting platform, will also be available at local council elections for the first time for eligible voters.

"Local Government elections will be held on December 4 but there are also several ways voters can get their vote in ahead of that date. Voter safety is paramount, as is ensuring every eligible elector in NSW has a chance to have their voice heard," NSW Electoral Commissioner John Schmidt said.

"For the first time all voters are eligible to vote in person at any time during the two-week voting period when a polling place is open. Early voting venues are listed on our website."

All polling places will be run in line with COVID-safe election guidelines.