Alanna Kennedy gets the choccies

Alanna Kennedy with her Cadbury chocolates. Picture: Alanna Kennedy/Instagram
Alanna Kennedy with her Cadbury chocolates. Picture: Alanna Kennedy/Instagram

For Alanna Kennedy, getting the choccies usually means getting a win on the football pitch.

But at the moment, the phrase is a lot more literal.

The former Westfields Sports High student, a stalwart of the Australian Matildas team, is featured on a new range of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolates, encouraging girls to perservere with sport.

Kennedy, who recently started playing with Manchester City in the UK, took to Instagram this week to show off the new range of sweet treats.

"I'm based in Manchester at the moment so they've kindly sent this across the world to make sure I have some chocolate to indulge in," the versatile defender told her Instagram followers as she began to unpack her box of goodies.

"I've had a little peek through and I for sure recognise my Matildas jersey. That is so cool.

"I'm literally on the cover of the packet - that's so exciting."

Kennedy joins fellow Aussie sports stars Tanya Vlaeminck (cricket), Akec Makur Chuot (AFLW) and Jessica Surgis (NRLW) featured on the packaging of Dairy Milk chocolates as part of Cadbury's Get in the Game initiative.

The campaign is designed to encourage girls to continue playing their chosen sport, rather than giving it away in their teen years.

A promotional video states one in two girls will give up their sport once they reach 15.

"Big ups to Cadbury for their support behind female sport," Kennedy said.

"It's really appreciated and I'm so proud to be a part of this campaign."

Kennedy said it was "so crazy" to eat chocolate with her own face on the packet.

She asked fans to share their own pictures with the chocolates.

People who purchase the chocolate have an opportunity to win tickets to a game of women's sport or even a poster of their favourite Cadbury ambassador.