Let's keep up the good work Fairfield

Let's keep up the good work Fairfield

Over the past eight weeks I have lobbied for more testing clinics and vaccination hubs in our city, and have pushed for the right to choice when it comes to the COVID-19 vaccines. I'm pleased that the Prairiewood Youth and Community Centre is now a priority Pfizer clinic for all young people aged 16-39 years of age. You can book your appointment by visiting nswhvam.health.nsw.gov.au/vam. I will continue to advocate for everyone to have the choice of vaccine, regardless of how old they are or what job they have.

NSW reached its first vaccine milestone this week with six million doses administered across the state, and two million people now fully vaccinated. I'd like to congratulate our city's contribution to these vaccination figures - we're seeing a steady increase in our City's population receiving their first jab from week to week - well done Fairfield. Up to 70 per cent of us in some suburbs have had our first vaccination, and up to 40 per cent are fully vaccinated in some suburbs.

I recently wrote to the state government pushing for a targeted support package for businesses in Fairfield who have borne the brunt of all the restrictions for the longest amount of time.

It's great to support business statewide during this lockdown but Fairfield businesses are especially at a disadvantage due to the harsher restrictions. With the new curfew announced for the local government areas of concern, it's projected that 7,500 jobs will be lost before the end of the month in Fairfield alone, accounting for a $400m loss in revenue for the local economy. This lockdown has crippled families in south-west Sydney and it's important that our businesses experiencing financial hardship are supported during this difficult time.

I will continue to advocate for businesses and families in Fairfield to ensure we are not left behind when it comes to testing, access to choice when it comes to vaccinations and support for families and businesses.