'Join the fight': Petition launched to upgrade Fairfield Hospital

Fairfield Council's petition to improve Fairfield Hospital is currently being distributed in letter boxes across the city.

In May, Fairfield mayor Frank Carbone led the charge to start a public petition to bring the "community's voice together as one demanding the state government urgently upgrade facilities at Fairfield Hospital".

"Fairfield Hospital was built 32 years ago and during that time has not received the funding required to meet the health care needs of our community especially when compared to other hospitals," he said.

Fairfield Hospital. Picture: Simon Bennett

Fairfield Hospital. Picture: Simon Bennett

"It's important that the state government provides adequate services to meet the growing health needs of our community. We are appealing to the community to join the fight to upgrade Fairfield Hospital by signing our petition."

The petition says "Fairfield Hospital does not have the health services you would expect from a major city hospital" with no cancer treatments or diabetes and heart health specialists.

"The power infrastructure doesn't even allow for Wi-Fi and the hospital does not have an MRI machine or an electronic medical records system," Mr Carbone said.

"Fairfield has a diverse and unique population with many people who have complex needs including age, trauma, mental health, diabetes, cancer, heart disease and other chronic conditions. Fairfield residents die younger than residents from many other parts of Sydney, and we need a better hospital to help improve health outcomes."

Mr Carbone, who was born at the old Fairfield Hospital, said the campaign was not reflective of the "wonderful staff" that provide care and treatment for patients, but aimed at the lack of investment by successive state governments into the health of Fairfield residents.

The petition.

The petition.

"We demand that the state government urgently upgrade facilities at Fairfield Hospital and we want to know what their plans are for the future of the hospital," he said.

The 2020-2021 budget for Fairfield Hospital is $132.1 million, an increase of $2.5 million on the previous financial year.

"The $5 million upgrade of the power supply is also underway with the work expected to be completed later this year. This will allow for extensive Wi-Fi coverage to support the ongoing roll-out of clinical IT and equipment, including patient record management," the spokesperson said.

Mr Carbone said the state government has committed $1.4 billion to upgrades at Liverpool Hospital, $1.3 billion at Bankstown-Lidcombe, $700 million at Blacktown and $479 million at Ryde.

"The people of Fairfield need to be confident that their local hospital can meet their health needs, now and into the future," he said.