Stay home, stay safe Fairfield

Fairfield mayor Frank Carbone and councillor Dai Le.
Fairfield mayor Frank Carbone and councillor Dai Le.

On the weekend I wrote to the Prime Minister and the Premier offering the Fairfield Showground as a venue for a mass vaccination hub for the Pfizer vaccine.

The NSW Government has accepted the offer but will prioritise aged care workers and teachers. This is good news but we will continue to advocate for a vaccination hub in our city.

Now more than ever it is crucial that we all continue to do the right thing to beat this current outbreak. We must stay home, stay positive and keep following the health advice. Our community is being directly affected by this highly contagious variant of COVID-19 and we need to step up our efforts to protect ourselves, our loved ones and the community.

We are likely to see numbers of cases go up in the coming days, because we have large families and the data shows that if one person in the household gets the virus, everyone else in the family gets it too. That's why it is so important that we stay home, not have any visitors into our house and get tested if we have been in contact with a person with the virus, if we have been to a venue of concern, or if we have the most minor symptoms. If we do the right thing, we should see a decrease in the number of cases in the coming week or so.

We understand how difficult it is to stay away from loved ones. But the only way this virus can be stopped, is by people staying in their own homes, and not visiting family that do not live with you in your home - and of course, getting vaccinated.

Please spread this message to your loved ones to protect them - Stay home. Do not have visitors. The only people in your house should be the people who live there. No family from outside your house are allowed to visit. If people require care, only one person is allowed to visit to deliver food or medicine or to check on loved ones. This is for the health and safety of your family, and the broader Fairfield and Sydney community.

If we work together we can get through this. I will always stand by my city and my community.