Drumming workshop promotes Assyrian culture

Fairfield High School students took a trip back in time this week when Assur Kings Entertainment held a drumming and music workshop at the school.

Assur Kings founder Emmanuel Brikha presented to the students, many of whom are of Assyrian background, on how ancient instruments helped shape modern day music and traditions. Some of the earliest instruments can be traced back more than 3000 years to ancient Assyria.

"It is the first presentation of its kind to take place at any NSW school which aims to promote and preserve Assyrian music and culture," Emmanuel said.

"Assur Kings was founded in 2017 with the aim of not only promoting Assyrian music to the youth but also giving them a professional platform to showcase their musical talents."

As part of the workshop, many students had one-on-one training with the group's performers with the drumming and dancing spilling into the school playground during lunch time.

Assur Kings, who are well-known for their choreographed drumming entertainment shows, announced at the school their intentions of launching the first Assyrian drumming and dance academy in the world to be based in Fairfield .

"We have plans to roll out these workshops to other schools in the western Sydney region very soon," Emmanuel said.