All the ways people are managing the mouse plague

DIY spirit: Different ways people are managing the mouse plague

As they say, desperate times called for desperate measures. The ongoing mouse plague afflicting the NSW Central West has brought about dozens of homemade and DIY solutions from residents who are left with no other options as the store shelves are bereft of suitable traps and poisons to manage the chaos.

The Mudgee Guardian put the call out on a number of local social media community pages asking for people's DIY creations and tips for managing mice.

Keight Roar summed up most people's experience.

"I'm on 25 acres, I've got baits out (replaced daily) around chook pens and hay sheds. 10 cats and a jack Russell catching mice plus 10 live traps set in the two homes on the block," Keight said.


"[I'm getting roughly 100 a day. Had to put all food in plastic tubs. Roof and walls are constantly moving. They eating my veggie plants and raiding my bird cage and pet bowls. My house stinks of mouse pee and death. My family are experiencing breathing problems. No matter how much I clean it doesn't end. They are climbing on us in our sleep chewing clothing n other belongings and costing us a fortune. Will we ever catch a break?"

Some handy solutions

Marie King has 16 buckets in operation and has been spending just on $200 a week on bait. 'Been tearing my hair out. [Catching] 300 - 350 per night.'

Photo: Marie King

Photo: Marie King

Sean Doherty has one interesting solution. Peanut butter as the lure and .22 with rat shot results in hours of entertainment, as well as reducing numbers.

Emily Roberts-Stewart has made her own bucket trap with an old bottle and peanut butter, below.

Photo: Emily Roberts Stewart.

Photo: Emily Roberts Stewart.

Rob Waters has plenty of traps ready to go and is encouraging people to contact him, below.

Photo: Rob Waters

Photo: Rob Waters

Victoria Debattista Muscat has one that entertains the family.

"Sounds ridiculous but besides the typical bait and home made traps that we use. We also use a petrol blower and our eight-year-old son in a game of catch the mice and it works. After lots of practice using this method my son managed to catch 19 in a matter of a few minutes the other day. Got videos of it. Trying to turn a sad situation into a bit of fun for the kids."

Susan Bray's daughter went the natural route.

"My daughter used eucalyptus and cinnamon in my closet which is a highway for the vermin. Huge hole gnawed by rats. First night there was such a battle as the rats and mice hated the smell. Last night nothing. No gnawing and crunching! It was so quiet I couldn't sleep!!! Next we will try peppermint in the pantry . We have traps and buckets and vermin love chocolate apparently."

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