Time to fight for Fairfield Hospital

Time to fight for Fairfield Hospital

We all have a personal connection to Fairfield Hospital. At some time or other either we, or someone we know, has needed the hospital's services. I was born in the old Fairfield Hospital and as a member of this community, I'm disappointed to see the lack of investment in the hospital by state and federal governments. That's why we are initiating a city wide petition to bring the community together to fight for Fairfield Hospital.

Fairfield Hospital was built 32 years ago, and since then only $7 million has been allocated to upgrades by the State government. This is compared to $1.4 billion committed to upgrades at Liverpool Hospital, $1.3 billion at Bankstown-Lidcombe, $700 million at Blacktown and $479 million at Ryde.

Fairfield Hospital has no cancer treatment, no heart health specialists and no diabetes specialist treatment services. In fact there are no specialist treatments available for chronic conditions with patients being transported to other hospitals for anything other than basic care. This is not reflective of the wonderful staff that provide care and treatment for patients, but is reflective of the lack of investment by successive state governments into the health of Fairfield City residents.

You will receive a flyer in your letterbox in the coming weeks with a QR or website link to sign the petition online. You will also be able to sign the petition from our libraries and leisure centres.

The time has come for all of us to stand up and speak up for our community. As our city's population and businesses continue to grow, we need to be confident that our local hospital can meet our community's health needs, now and into the future.