John Paul Young visits Westfields Sports High School

John Paul Young can remember when there was a stop sign at the bottom of Tasman Parade - the Fairfield West street he lived on as a teenager.

"I remember once my breaks didn't work and I went sailing through the stop sign and across Hamilton Road and I didn't a hit anything," he told the Champion.

The Australian music legend was back in town on Tuesday taking in a nostalgic trip around Fairfield.

It started at the Fairfield City Museum and Gallery where he visited the Travelling Sounds exhibition (which has been extended to June 19) which features his work alongside The Easybeats, Jon English and AC/DC to celebrate the region's musical past.

John Paul Young and Elm Tree.

John Paul Young and Elm Tree.

It was then on to Westfields Sports High where he attend for three years in the sixties. On his 1965 report card he donated to the exhibition, he achieved a credit for English, maths, history and French.

"And apparently I was pretty ordinary at art," he said while touring the school.

"The biggest memory is being in a co-ed school because I hadn't been in one before. I had been in two boys high schools [Liverpool and East Hills] so coming to a co-ed school was very different.

"Absolutely everything has changed. There's the odd block of concrete I remember, but that's it. It's certainly a different place."

When asked if he did music while at school, he said: "Not at all - all the music was in my head. I joined a band with my mates from Liverpool called Elm Tree and that's how it started."

As part of his tour, JPY talked to students about their own experiences and met with three former students (Ama Attanayake, Dean Alic from Pocketfiction and Petar Jovanov) who have gone on to have successful careers in the music industry.

Young, who was in the original Jesus Christ, Superstar, had his first hit single with Pasadena in 1972, followed by Yesterday's Hero in 1975. And let's not forget that little song Love is in the Air which achieved worldwide success. He capped off his visit with a performance of his 1978 smash hit with current students.

John Paul Young's 1965 school report card.

John Paul Young's 1965 school report card.

Westfields Sports High school captain Breanna Nguyen said she was "very nervous" to perform with Australian music royalty.

The 17-year-old, who also lives in Fairfield West, also performed a song she wrote for Mr Young.

"I started writing it in 2019 but stopped for a year because I was struggling to find the right lyrics," said Breanna, who is performing a jazzy cover of Christina Aguilera's Genie in a Bottle for her HSC.

"The song is called The two of us and is about friendship and how when you're younger and make best friends with someone you think you are going to be best friends for the rest of your life but there is natural drifting away."