Running at the Local Government Elections

Running at the Local Government Elections

The Local Government Elections will be held on September 4 this year. This is an important time for our city, for those who are looking to run for Council and for all of you who will be voting for a mayor and councillors to represent you for the next four years.

Your elected mayor and councillors work together to set the agenda for this city. It has been a privilege to be your Mayor for nine years, and to see the changes in the community through the development of important new infrastructure, the creation and improvement of vital services and through being a strong advocate for our city. I am proud of all that has been achieved so far, but there will always be more to do.

At this election we will have two wards, with six councillors to be elected for each ward, whose role it will be to listen to the people and drive policy with the Mayor. I encourage anyone who wants to contribute their time towards making our community better to nominate to run for council. The more people who nominate, the more choice our residents have - and that's a good thing. It is especially important now more than ever to see more women nominating and running for public office.

Local government is about representing the community and any representative process must be open and transparent. That's why I have written to the Minister for Local Government, the NSW Electoral Commission and the major parties; suggesting that all candidates at the next local government election should provide in writing Working with Children checks, a National Police Check, as well as any adverse NSW Civil Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) findings, with copies to be made available to the public along with their Candidate Information Sheet. Residents have a right to know.

If you are interested in making a contribution towards our community, application forms are available at elections.nsw.gov.au/Elections/Local-government-elections. Applications close Monday, July 26.

It's our city, it's our community. The decisions we make determine the future of our city and we all want a city that moves forward and continues to improve no matter who the representatives are.