New augmented reality interactive experience for Stockland shoppers

New augmented reality interactive experience for Stockland shoppers

A new augmented reality (AR) experience will be launched at Stockland, Wetherill Park tomorrow (April 8).

Customers are being are encouraged to find five 'magic objects' in the centre and scan the corresponding QR codes to enter a prize draw for a chance to win a Stockland Gift Card.

Stockland GM of customer and group marketing Ben Allen said augmented reality offers "another layer of entertainment" and enhances the customer experience.

"We're confident that customers are going to enjoy this new AR interactive game designed just for them, and we will continue to look for new and exciting ways to provide a diverse range of experiences at our centres," he said.

"We know that our shopping centres are a focal point for their local communities and we're proud to offer not just a great mix of retailers in one convenient place, but also a destination spot where people want to come for dinner with family, to socialise with friends and be entertained."

Stockland has partnered with creative agency Vandal to bring the VR experience to eight of its retail centres.

Emile Rademeyer, Executive Director of Creative Strategy at Vandal, said: "People carry their mobile phones with them wherever they go. Stockland's new AR experience harnesses the use of mobile phones to improve retail engagement by means of a fun, 'treasure-hunt' game at their favourite local Stockland shopping centre."

  • The AR experience starts on April 8 and runs to April 18.