North Richmond locals save cattle stranded in NSW floods

On Sunday morning, some local heroes came together, to undertake an amazing rescue of an isolated group of cattle on Terrace Rd, North Richmond, in Sydney's north west.

The elderly owners of the 10 cattle woke Saturday morning, to find their cattle stuck on an island formed by the floods and felt that they were unable to do anything about it.

Over the course of Saturday night, the water rose. The couple, with other local on-lookers, felt helpless.

But they woke on Sunday to find the water level had dropped a meter and that nine of the 10 cattle, though stranded, were still alive.

That's when 11 heroes stepped up and organised on Facebook to herd the cattle to the shore.

A husband and wife with a jet ski, joined another man, who had a tinny, to drive through the flood waters on Terrace Rd.

They ferried two men to the island and began herding the group of cattle to the shore. The rescue took half an hour.


All nine of the remaining stranded cattle, safely made it through the flood waters and to higher ground.

It was felt by many that if the cows had stayed any longer or were further from the shore, that some may have drowned.

But, the success of the rescue didn't stop there.

On Monday evening, the missing member of the 10 cattle, a small calf, was found crying in some bushes downstream and is currently being nursed back to health.

The 11 local heroes, who have only been mentioned by their first names, are; Melinda, Sam, Beau, Bobby, Greg, Dave, Brad, Fiona, Amanda, Danielle, and Kellie.

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