Service NSW website and app crash impacting COVID check-ins

Service NSW website, app crash impacting COVID check-ins

Those looking to use the Service NSW App to sign into a venue to meet COVID-safe plans could be hit with a snag this afternoon.

Both the website and app from the NSW government service are down.

Service NSW tweeted around 3pm that they were "aware of an issue affecting multiple Service NSW transactions and services".

"We're working to resolve this ASAP and sincerely apologise for the inconvenience. Please note the Digital Driver License should still be available as a cached version."

The website is still down at 6:30pm on Thursday evening.

For those trying to sign into a venue to follow COVID-safe procedures the web form is still available.


Since January 1, venues including restaurants and cafes have been forced to use only the Service NSW app to facilitate check-ins.

The app earlier crashed for several hours on January 7.

The government revealed last week that about three quarters of the NSW population had downloaded the app.

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