Improving our city's car parking

A recent shot of the Hughes Street car park.
A recent shot of the Hughes Street car park.

Having easy access to quality car parking is something we know is important to our residents. You want to be able to go about your daily business with minimal fuss. That is why council is investing a record amount in adding hundreds of new car parking spaces and improving existing off-street parking right across our city.

We have tens of thousands of on-street and off-street car parking spaces right across our city, providing tens of millions of car parking movements every year. The success of these popular town centres means that the demand for spaces has never been greater.

Unlike some other councils, we believe our on-street spaces should be free. We want parking in our city to be affordable. That is why we haven't installed parking meters on our streets and we have no intention of installing any in our city.

Work is progressing well on the new multi-level car park at the corner of Dutton Lane and Hughes Street in Cabramatta. This 220-space car park will add an additional 350,000 parking movements per year to this vibrant town centre, supporting local businesses, shoppers and residents. This project also involves a facelift of the neighbouring multi-level car parks in Dutton Lane, and upgrades to the entrances and pavement.

This car park is another significant investment of $10 million in the Cabramatta town centre, adding to the $20 million Council recently spent on the development of Dutton Plaza, which includes 275 parking spaces.

We will also add more parking in the Canley Heights Town Centre due to the increasing popularity of this centre. At Ascot Street, we will turn the lane south of Kiora Street into a 20 space car park. We are planning to do the same in the southern laneways on Derby Street to create approximately 15 spaces. These works are due to begin in mid to late autumn.

We will also improve our existing car parks at Nelson Street and Downey Lane in Fairfield. These improvements will mean better lighting, new line markings, and fresh paint on walls, stairwells and guard rails - making it easier and safer to get a park in our biggest city centre.

We are aware that one of the biggest parking challenges is commuter car parking close to our train stations. Commuter parking is a state government responsibility, which is paid for through taxes. We will continue to advocate that commuter car parking is improved particularly around the Fairfield and Cabramatta stations, which are some of the busiest in south-west Sydney.

Over the last five years council has built more than 1000 spaces across our city, including two new car parks in the Fairfield City Centre. We will continue to look at opportunities to build new car parks across our city as funding becomes available.