Standing up for our city

The Gyms in Parks program has recommenced.
The Gyms in Parks program has recommenced.

Our city has had its ups and downs like most places but I would never allow us to be unfairly targeted, and that's why I have spoken up against Fairfield City being unjustly labelled as a hotspot, which hurts our businesses and the community.

It has been more than 90 days since our last case, which is a great result for our city. I want to thank everyone who has been doing the right thing but it's important that we continue to get tested, and council has continued to provide very popular drive-through testing at Fairfield Showground which is free.

Despite having no cases, compliance checks are still important, because we need to make sure any potential outbreak is contained. It's crucial that COVID plans are in place and that we continue using QR codes when visiting businesses. While recently several businesses have been found to be non-compliant by NSW Police, with 15,000 businesses in our city, the majority are doing the right thing to protect us all.

Given our great situation, council continues to provide services to encourage people to get out and be active. It's important for our physical wellbeing but also for our mental health. Our Gyms in Parks programs have recommenced. This is a great free program to help residents understand how to use the equipment we have in a growing number of our local parks. Or you can take advantage of the amazing walking tracks and paths, there is a list on our website. Our leisure centres and libraries also continue to operate in a COVID safe way so you can exercise your body and your mind.

With 15,000 businesses that employ tens of thousands of residents, I urge everyone to support local if you can. By supporting local, you support the local economy, and help maintain and create new jobs.

Council continues to monitor all our events and programs, putting the safety and wellbeing of residents first. We know it's difficult when events and celebrations are cancelled, but we recognise the importance of providing things to do and places to go. With the vaccine rollout upon us, we will look at how we can deliver more events for the community.

I am proud of how hard our city has worked and what we have all achieved over the past 12 months, and I will always stand up to anyone who tries to tell us otherwise.