Scott Morrison, Australia Day, target of new Scott Marsh street art

Street artist Scott Marsh has returned with an Australia Day mural targeting Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

In posting the mural to his Instagram account, Marsh, asked Scott Morrison to "read the room".

The mural depicts the PM in colonial dress as "Captain Cooked", asking 'How Goods Cricket?" with a Hawaiian leis - reference to his trip to Hawaii during the summer bushfires last year.

The artwork by Scott Marsh.

The artwork by Scott Marsh.

The Ruby Princess also gets a look in.

This isn't the first time Marsh has tackled politicians or public figures in his art.


Alan Jones, Black Lives Matter protests, climate change debate, same sex marriage and more have been depicted on walls by Marsh across the years.

It's not the first time Scott Morrison has featured either.

Here's some of his artworks that have got people talking: