Joy, tears and adventures multiplied, as triplets begin school

Triplets Shane, Shanette and Shanelle are looking forward to starting 'big school', and mum Philomina Aafriyie is looking forward to some newfound quiet time, when the children begin kindergarten at St Catherine of Siena Catholic Primary School Prestons this month.

With approximately 4,500 multiple births in Australia each year, the Aafriyie triplets join almost 9,000 other twins, triplets or more - also called 'multiples' - starting school in 2021.

Ashlee Tenberge, Chair of the Australian Multiple Birth Association (AMBA), said that although starting school was an exciting time for any child, having two or more children start school at once could be challenging for families with multiples.

"Aside from the multiple sets of uniforms and supplies - and the budget that goes with it - there are other considerations that parents must take into account and discuss with the school," Ms Tenberge said.

Class placement - whether to split them, or keep them together - was one of the biggest dilemmas faced by parents of multiples.

"The research indicates that parents are best placed to determine what will suit the individual needs of their children," Ms Tenberge said.

Ms Aafriyie said she would be splitting her triplets across the three kindergarten classes offered by their new school.

"They've been together all the time in childcare so I wanted to separate them so they can be their own people and make their own friends," Ms Aafriyie told the Champion.

"They are so excited to start school - they are happy they are not going to 'baby school' again."

Ms Aafriyie said Shanelle wants to be a paramedic when she grows up. Shanette is also very caring, and tries to help others, while Shane looks after his sisters, and likes to help his mum at home.

The family are members of the Southern Sydney Multiple Birth Association (SSMBA) which has allowed them to share this important journey with other twin and triplet families who have been through it all before.

President of SSMBA Danielle Hope said the club had 45 multiples starting kindergarten across the region this year.

"Many families joined the club when they were pregnant so sharing in these special milestones is magical for all. Each twin or triplets from SSMBA will be starting school with a school bag tag gift," Ms Hope said.

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