Orphan wombat Holly celebrates her first Christmas at The Australian Reptile Park

Little orphan wombat Holly has survived the odds to celebrate her very first Christmas.

The tiny 8-month-old creature was hand raised at The Australian Reptile Park after being found inside her mother's pouch on the side of the road.

Her mother did not survive a collision with a car, but Holly was rescued by a passer-by and has flourished since arriving at her new home at the park.

Mammal keeper Hewin Hochkins has taken on the role of surrogate mother in the early stages of her new life, providing her with around the clock care. She now lives in an artificial knitted pouch and will remain under care until keepers decide she is healthy and strong enough to be released back into the wild.

"Holly is full of life and energy. She is thriving and really is a Christmas miracle," park director Tim Faulkner said.

"Cars are one of the biggest threats to Aussie wildlife. We urge people to slow down in wildlife areas as it is animals like Holly the public will be protecting."

Visitors will be able to see Holly make occasional appearances during the school holidays.


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