Incinerator plan must have an independent review

Fairfield mayor Frank Carbone.
Fairfield mayor Frank Carbone.

Earlier this month, council received a briefing from Cleanaway regarding their plans to build an incinerator just across our City's border in Eastern Creek. Council is opposed to this project and is calling for an independent assessment of its safety, and the impacts on our residents and the environment.

The proposal is to burn up to 500,000 tonnes of household waste every year to create enough electricity to power 79,000 homes, while reducing the amount of landfill in western Sydney.

The proposed incinerator will have a 75-metre stack, which will release gases from the incinerator into the atmosphere. Council will not be supporting this development until we can be confident that these emissions will not negatively impact our residents and our environment.

This plan will ultimately be decided by the NSW Government, but we are opposed to this project until we receive an independent assessment confirming that our residents and our environment will not be negatively affected.

We will always put the wellbeing of our city and our environment first, even though this proposal does offer a long-term solution to waste instead of just burying it in the ground. While council was told at the briefing that this incinerator will use the latest technology to keep emissions as low as possible, also used in other part of the world including Ireland and Sweden, with very strict environmental protection controls, we cannot be satisfied without an independent assessment.

While the development will be in Blacktown City, the impacts will be felt by residents in our city, with potentially dangerous emissions; up to 200 trucks a day using our roads and it will be close to homes and properties in Horsley Park within our City.

Once an independent report has been provided, council will be able to better evaluate any environmental impacts and make a more informed decision while always putting the wellbeing of our residents first. It is important that the plan then go back out to the community to have your say, so you can feel certain that this is in your best interests. While council is keeping an open mind, only through an independent assessment can we be certain that this is in the best interest of the community.