Voice of Real Australia: Amazing photos and maccas via helicopter: It's harvest time

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The Land reader Craig Newberry sent in this incredible photo from harvest 2020.

The Land reader Craig Newberry sent in this incredible photo from harvest 2020.

It's that time of the year when the headers are rolling and farmers are flat stick.

Terms like 'harvest widow' are bandied around, as partners head out into the paddocks and don't come back until the wee hours.

For most of NSW, it's finally been a good year.

So good the state is set to produce more than 80 per cent of the whole country's wheat crop this year - that's five times the amount harvested last year.

And after years of drought, is about time farmers caught a break and got the crops off paddocks and into market.

And it's not just NSW that's having a good year either, parts of Queensland are enjoying the best winter harvest in 40 years, after not being able to plant a winter crop in three years.

There's a lot of fun going on out in the paddocks too, like these guys who got Macca's delivered by helicopter.

But it's not without risks, across the country the reports of headers going up in flames are coming out, with local firies issuing warnings after fighting multiple grass fires.

But, by far, my favourite part about harvest are the photos.

Each year our agricultural titles get flooded with amazing snaps from farmers and contractors hard at work across the country.

This year we even got some amazing ones of vintage equipment hard at work - you can read all about one young chap who's doing up old machines here.

Happy harvest everybody.

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