Big win for the seat of Cabramatta

An aerial shot of Freedom Plaza in Cabramatta.
An aerial shot of Freedom Plaza in Cabramatta.

As the mayor of Fairfield , I made a submission to the NSW Electoral Commission to keep the name of the state seat Cabramatta.

Proposed changes submitted to the Commission included changing the name of the electorate to Villawood and bringing in a number of suburbs from the neighbouring seat of Bankstown. These changes were proposed to the NSW Electoral Commission who was conducting a review of the boundaries.

I strongly believe that the name Cabramatta should be retained and that the proposed changes would not have been in the community interest. It is important that we maintain representative democracy for our community by ensuring that these proposed changes not go ahead.

I'm pleased to report that the NSW Electoral Commission has listened to the people and the state seat of Cabramatta will be retained with only minor changes.

This is an important win for the community. Cabramatta has a strong and continuing community identity and has a long history of 40 years as an electorate. It was the home to former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam, and is a major commercial centre. This result will mean better representation for our community, and a better understanding of the challenges and issues faced by the community.

I would like to thank all the local residents who made submissions to retain the name Cabramatta and opposing the other changes proposed. I would also like to thank the NSW Electoral Commission for listening to the community. As the mayor of Fairfield I will now be writing to the commission to support these changes.