Celebrating the heroes of Fairfield

Celebrating the heroes of Fairfield

Over the generations there have been many people who have performed selfless acts for the good of this city and the people that live here.

It is important that these heroes are not only recognised, but also remembered. That is why last month I asked councillors to support the construction of a Heroes of Fairfield pathway at Fairfield Showground.

This path will feature pavers engraved with the names of our local heroes as a lasting tribute to our local heroes and to remind everyone of their sacrifice. These heroes will include Horsley Park RFS volunteers Geoffrey Keaton and Andrew O'Dwyer who died while on duty fighting bushfires last year, and Constable David Carty from Fairfield Police, who died in 1997.

We are proud of the many people that made the ultimate sacrifice to protect this great city and make it such a great place to live, work and raise a family. We want the families of today and the generations to come to know about these heroes and we will be inviting the community to nominate local heroes for this special honour.

This commemorative pathway will be in addition to the pathway honouring the everyday families and businesses of this city. More than 500 residents and businesses took up the opportunity to buy their personalised paver. So many stories, so many people who travelled from across the globe for a new beginning and with many of their children born at the old Fairfield Hospital.

These pavers are currently being laid on the pathway that will link pedestrians from Smithfield Road to Moonlight Road, past the People's Globe and Deerbush Park. This path will open to the public when Deerbush Park opens early next year. We are also recognising the origins of our residents with our People's Globe at the Showground entrance. We will be opening this landmark tribute in the next few months.

Fairfield Showground is a place for everyone in this city - past, present and future. I look forward to hearing from our residents and honouring the Heroes of Fairfield with this new path right in the heart of Fairfield City.