WSU offers free HSC study sessions for Year 12 students

WSU offers free HSC study sessions for Year 12 students

This year has been a hard one for everyone, but especially for students in Year 12.

Preparations for the HSC have been disrupted and learning schedules thrown into chaos.

Western Sydney University wants to help Year 12 students be as prepared as possible for their upcoming exams, and has arranged to host a number of free online study sessions.

Running from Tuesday, October 6 to Friday, October 9, the sessions will be led by highly-qualified and experienced HSC teachers and markers and will cover 13 subjects.

Subjects include English Standard and Advanced, Mathematics Standard 2 and Advanced, as well as elective subjects such as Modern History, Legal Studies, Biology, Chemistry, Geography and PDHPE.

Each study sessions consists of a two-hour content analysis and syllabus review, and a four-hour practice exam and deconstruction.

The sessions will aim to help students develop a solid understanding of HSC exam techniques, subject knowledge and exam preparation skills.

Further details about these sessions can be found on the free online HSC Study Sessions website, and Year 12 students can register now via the HSC Study Sessions registration form.

Western Sydney University is hosting the Discover Western Webinar Series, which features live and on-demand webinars for prospective students, parents, teachers and educators.

Hosted by WSU staff and students, the Discover Western Webinar series will provide key information, not just for those sitting the HSC this year, but also to Year 10 and 11 students, and their parents and carers.

Running through to the end of the year, there will also be a number of course decision support sessions once students have received their results, aimed at helping students understand the best course for them and their options going forward.

Registrations for future events are open now via the Discover Western Webinar registration form.