Fire crews contain diesel spill

An isolation zone was set up in Fairfield this morning to clean up a diesel spill.

At 9:20am this morning, Fire and Rescue NSW were alerted to a truck that was leaking diesel into a drain and roadway on Downey Lane.

Cabramatta and Chester Hill Fire Stations found a large truck with a 400L fuel tank that had leaked a large portion of its contents of diesel down a nearby drain and on the roadway and footpath.

Firefighters used bins to catch the remaining tank contents and HAZMAT crews used special absorbents and floatation equipment in an attempted to contain the spill in the drain.

Fairfield Council attended to continue with mop up once the HAZMAT crew had remediated as much of the spill in the drain as possible.

NSW Police were on scene to assist with traffic management. No injuries were sustained as a result of the spill.