Therapy dogs have big impact at Canley Heights Public School

Meet the newest staff members of Canley Heights Public School (CHPS): therapy dogs Aspen and Sedin.

Aspen, a Keeshond cross Japanese Spitz and Sedin, a Japanese Spitz, have had a big impact on pupils and teachers at the school.

The therapy dogs provide comfort, happiness, reassurance, stability, enjoyment, emotional and academic support to students.

They love a cuddle and are always available when it is reading time.

"Our students working with Aspen and Sedin have shown increased motivation for learning, resulting in improved outcomes," the school's principal Elle Hidson said.

"With our therapy dogs at CHPS we have seen a lot of benefits including an increase in school attendance, children gaining confidence in many areas of schooling, less anxious behaviours around reading and writing and positive changes in children's attitude's towards learning."

Mrs Hidson said Aspen and Sedin work with staff and students to promote and foster a connection between teacher and child through experiencing trust and the "unconditional love" from the therapy dogs.

"This in turn helps our students to learn how to express their feelings and develop trusting relationships," she said.

Erica in stage 3 said the therapy dogs make the students feel at ease.

"We cuddle the dogs and it makes the students less stressed and we socialise more especially when the dogs are around," she said.

Fellow stage 3 pupil Brian said: "Having therapy dogs at our school makes us calm, helps us to be happy, and helps us learn better."