'Defies belief': Police urge motorists to slow down

Newly appointed Commander of Traffic and Highway Patrol, Assistant Commissioner Karen Webb is reminding drivers of the dangers of speeding after several vehicles were stopped travelling at unsafe speeds across the state over the weekend.

One of the incidents happened just before 4pm on Sunday, July 5 when a Volkswagen hatchback was stopped on the Elizabeth Drive, Bonnyrigg Heights - a signposted 70km/h zone - allegedly travelling at 139km/h. The 19-year-old provisional P2 driver was infringed and his licence was suspended for six months.

"This past weekend alone saw four lives lost on the state's roads. With those incidents fresh in our minds, it defies belief that people continue to drive so recklessly, putting not only themselves at risk, but also other motorists and pedestrians," Assistant Commissioner Webb said.

"Police will continue to actively target those who think it's acceptable to endanger lives through their poor driving behaviour."