Voice of Regional Australia: Across the country the bushfire recovery is in full swing

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The once-iconic Sugar Pine Walk

The once-iconic Sugar Pine Walk

With coronavirus ruling the daily news cycle, the horror summer we just lived through has fallen a little by the wayside.

But for all those locals impacted by the bushfires, the recovery process is in full swing.

The National Natural Disaster Arrangements Royal Commission is also ongoing - looking at all aspects of the summer fires.

From recovery centres to communication to the warning systems in place, everything is on the table.

In NSW's Snowy region the task of removing the once-iconic Sugar Pine Walk has begun.

The area, located near Laurel Hill in the Bago State Forest, was so badly damaged by the Dunns Road bushfire that it was considered to be dangerous and the trees slated for removal.

But there is a glimmer of hope, plans are in place to develop a new attraction in the region which will feature some of the area's oldest trees, as well as planting replacement sugar pines.

The story about the pines comes from The Daily Advertiser which is a subscriber-only site.

Down in NSW's Bega Valley, Cobargo which made headlines as fire tore through the historic village in December claiming lives, is also deep in the clean-up process.

The town's main street clean-up is now complete, after works started in mid-May.

Over on Kangaroo Island, the clean-up effort has been massive as has the re-build with BlazeAid putting in 500 kilometres of new fencing already, and Lions delivering rain water tanks for those who lost major infrastructure.

Across the country recovery, both physical and mental, continues and we'll continue to cover the stories as the process goes on.

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