Free flicks: Council extends drive-in movies for locals

Free flicks: Council extends drive-in movies for locals

Fairfield mayor Frank Carbone described the Fairfield Drive-in as the "perfect fun and safe night out" when announcing council is extending the drive-in movie season with free movies for Fairfield families in July.

The sessions, only available to Fairfield residents, will be held over three weekends starting Friday, July 3 with two movie sessions screening per night. Popcorn, lollies, drinks and a selection of hot food will be available to purchase.

"By providing free drive-in movies, Fairfield residents will have an affordable night out together, when COVID-19 is making it difficult," Mayor Carbone said.

"I have loved seeing so many families enjoying time together over the past month. Making the drive-ins free through the school holidays means that even more families can enjoy the experience of hot popcorn and a movie.

"I'm proud that council has been able to bring back the experience of drive-in movies for families to enjoy."

This weekend's movies are: Friday, 6pm: Peter Rabbit 2, Friday, 8pm: Go!, Saturday, 6pm: Ugly Dolls, Saturday, 8pm: Paper Planes, Sunday night, 6pm: Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs, Sunday, 8pm: Wonder.

Tickets are limited to Fairfield residents and bookings are essential