Macquarie matters with Anne Stanley: Hoxton Park Road

The recent passing of Jack Mundey has reminded us all that Governments must ensure the community is heard when it comes to major development.

I have always believed that those who live and work in a community are the people who know it best. While experts should provide guidance and advice, consultation should be a dialogue about what is best for all parties.

The current plans for the upgrade of Hoxton Park Road will hurt nearby residents and local businesses at Hoxton Park Shopping Centre. This was clearly communicated to the government by myself, the businesses at the shopping centre and the local community during the consultation process.

I was appalled to see that this feedback was ignored by the NSW Government.

The proposed left-in, left-out configuration will ultimately have significant impacts on both businesses and local traffic, making it much harder to access the shops. Small and family-owned businesses, already battling the impacts of COVID-19 restrictions, will see an even higher and permanent loss of business if the proposed changes go ahead.

Unfortunately, the NSW Government has not listened to the local community, or the businesses that made submissions that showed how disastrous the proposed changes would be for the area.

With rapid development and major construction projects underway in our region, the NSW Government must listen to our community. As history shows, untold damage is caused when the people aren't respected or listened to by bureaucrats.

If there is anything I can do to help you at all, please don't hesitate to contact my office on (02) 8983 0977 or via email at

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