New drive-through COVID-19 testing clinic at Fairfield

A new drive-through COVID-19 testing clinic will be located at the Fairfield Showground and Dunc Gray Velodrome from May 26 to June 6.

Drivers can pull up at the clinics with their licence and Medicare card in hand. They will then be directed in for testing without leaving their car. Anyone in the vehicle can request to be tested.

Fairfield Showground is at 443 Smithfield Road, Prairiewood and Dunc Gray Velodrome is at 27 Carysfield Road, Bass Hill. Both drive-through clinics are open from 9.30am to 4pm, Tuesday to Saturday.

The drive-through clinics are in addition to the permanent COVID-19 testing clinics at Fairfield and Bankstown Hospitals. For opening hours, visit

District Director of Population Health Stephen Conaty encouraged anyone with even the mildest of symptoms to come forward for testing.

"We encourage anyone in our community with symptoms, such as fever, cough, sore or scratchy throat or shortness of breath to visit our clinic or see their GP for testing,"

Dr Conaty said: "On behalf of our staff, I would like to thank everyone for staying home, supporting physical distancing and practising good hygiene to stop the spread of COVID-19.

"Pop-up clinics will continue to travel across the South Western Sydney Local Health District over the coming weeks."

The NSW Government recently announced a $2.3 billion health boost and economic stimulus package to help tackle the COVID-19 pandemic.

NSW Health will receive $800 million to assist in more than doubling ICU capacity, preparing for additional COVID-19 testing, purchasing additional ventilators and medical equipment, establishing acute respiratory clinics and bringing forward elective surgeries to private hospitals.

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