Council wants help planting millions of trees

Fairfield City Mayor Frank Carbone planting anew tree.
Fairfield City Mayor Frank Carbone planting anew tree.

Fairfield Council will soon plant an additional 2,200 trees covering 17 hectares to make our suburbs healthier, shadier and cooler for residents.

Council currently plants about 10,000 trees a year and is planting these additional trees as part of the NSW Government's 5 Million Trees for a Greener City program.

Residents can also get involved by planting their own trees under the program.

Fairfield City Mayor Frank Carbone said Council wants families to get out and enjoy the local environment.

"The 5 Million Trees program aims to increase Greater Sydney's total tree canopy to 40 per cent," mayor Carbone said.

"We all love trees but it's important we plant the right type of tree in the right place to make sure they are great for the environment and for the community to enjoy."

CR Carbone said the location of the trees was carefully selected by the council through a combination of resident requests, the opportunity to connect canopy and create habitat, and to provide shade on circuit and walking paths.

"Last week we planted native spotted gums, grey box, paper bark and red gum eucalypts with a mix of bottle brush at Clear Paddock Creek. These types of trees will also be planted at other open sites across the City," he said.

"Water gums, crepe myrtle, Manchurian pears and bottle brush will be planted along some of our major roads.

"If we can increase our canopy cover in our suburbs: outdoor areas, parks and reserves will be cooler and much more pleasant for families to enjoy time together outdoors.

"Trees also provide a home for our wildlife and make our suburbs more attractive places to live, work and play.

"Residents can also join the program and I encourage everyone to plant trees and help make our neighbourhoods more liveable."

To get involved, plant and register your tree today at

Council was successful in receiving matching grant funding of $60,000 from the program to plant the additional 2,200 trees.

Plantings will also take place in:

  • River Avenue, Villawood;
  • Hollywood Drive, Lansvale;
  • Nelson Street, Fairfield;
  • Polding Street, Wetherill Park;
  • along Smithfield Road,
  • Bosnjak Park;
  • Carrawood Park;
  • Endeavour Sports Park;
  • Rosford Park; and,
  • Brenan Park.

The trees will help:

  • connect isolated remnant bushland and provide continuous canopy cover for biodiversity
  • line streets to provide urban canopy; and,
  • provide continuous shady refuge for passive and active recreation users at sports fields.