Victoria to be hit with wintry blast

The weather bureau is forecasting a real blast of winter across Victoria.
The weather bureau is forecasting a real blast of winter across Victoria.

Victorians could shiver through one of the coldest April snaps in a quarter of a century with a wintry blast on its way.

Heavy rain, snow, chilly winds and flash flooding are expected across the state from Wednesday into the weekend with multiple warnings out.

"Get ready for the heavy rain but prepare for the cold snap which looks like for April, potentially, (one of) the coldest cold snaps in April for a quarter of a century," the weather bureau's Kevin Parkyn told reporters on Tuesday.

It will start on Wednesday night in the state's southwest before spreading across Victoria until at least Saturday.

If Melbourne nudges above 13.2C on Thursday, it will take the title of the city's coldest April day since 1995, the weather bureau confirmed.

Northeast Victoria and East Gippsland is set to be smashed with up to 100mm of rain by the end of Wednesday, with a warning issued for heavy rain leading to flash flooding and damaging winds.

State Emergency Service Chief Officer Operations Tim Wiebusch warns Victorians not to flirt with flood waters.

"You just don't know what might be lurking in those flash flood waters," he said.

Rain will ease over the state's western district with up to 15mm.

In central Victoria and Gippsland rain totals are forecast between 15mm to 35mm for Wednesday.

Temperatures will plummet on Thursday across the state as the winds turn southwesterly., reaching just 13C in Melbourne and snow could fall at 800m elevation.

"The weather is certainly going to play its part in encouraging us to stay indoors and self-isolate," Mr Parker said.

A deep low pressure system will form near Tasmania before driving cold winds over the state during the weekend.

Melbourne is likely to crack its 2019 total rainfall of 374.4mm, given 373.8mm of rain has already fallen in the city this year.

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