Christie Lamb's new single honours fiance's late father Jon English

"We were nervous to start but it turned out to be the fastest song we've ever written and one I'm most proud of."

Christie Lamb's new single Carry You With Me is a loving tribute to someone who changed her life forever.

The country singer from Kirkham's song is about the late Jon English, an artist she met in 2012 as part of his Rock Revolution Tour.

Jon attended Cabramatta High School from 1963 to 1967.

On that tour she met the singer's son Jonathan and now, after seven years together, the pair are celebrating their recent engagement.

Lamb said penning Carry You With Me with Jonathan and co-writer Victoria Banks was a great experience.

"I saw Jonathan's grief and I thought, when a couple of years had passed since we lost Jon, that writing a song about him might help Jonathan come to terms with his death," she said.

"Jonathan joined my band after the Rock Revolution Tour and he's written with me on all three of my albums, so it seemed like a good idea to work together and write those feelings into a song."

Lamb said there are always nerves when writing new music.

"As artists you want everything to be great, and of course there's no guarantee that something will be," she said.

"But this song just spilled out of us.

"We were supposed to be working with two other songwriters in Nashville, but one couldn't make it so we ended up going to meet Victoria Banks with about two hours of writing time left, and we finished the song with time to spare."

Lamb said Carry You With Me, the third single from her ARIA chart-topping album Broken Lines, was a way to remember Jon and what he meant to them.

"It's not about who he was to everyone else who didn't know him personally, who just saw those big black eyes, it's about who he was to us and the love we had for him," she said.

"But it's really universal and something that anyone can relate to, that feeling of losing someone you love.

"Being a songwriter himself, I'm sure Jon would have loved that."

Lamb said she tried hard to bring an even greater depth to her songwriting on this album, and breaking down some emotional walls was a big part of that.

She's been thrilled with the reaction to the song so far and loves that so many people have connected with it.

Lamb is now preparing to wed Jonathan, after he popped the question in a pretty unique way

"He actually called on a bit of a family tradition," she said.

"Growing up, whenever it was Easter or Christmas, Jon would set up a treasure hunt for Jonathan to follow - which I think might have just been so he could sleep for a bit longer.

"So Jonathan did this really elaborate treasure hunt for me, that even involved skyping with some of my relatives overseas.

"It ended with a picnic in front of the Opera House and he'd arranged for my friends and family to be there, so it was a proposal and a mini-engagement party in one."

Lamb said the couple were set on "getting this wedding done" as the most common response from friends to news of her engagement was "about time".