'Asbestos needs to be disposed of safely'

Do you have loose bonded asbestos that needs to be removed? Is it bonded (not powder) and detached from the building?

Then council is encouraging residents to register for their free Household Asbestos Removal Program.

Council is offering eligible households free assistance to collect up to 10-square metres of asbestos per household.

Asbestos material for collection must be:

  • No more than 10-square metres in size.
  • Loose and detached from the home.
  • Bonded and not friable (not able to be turned into powder easily).
  • Photographed and sent to council with your registration.

Asbestos was often used in places such as the walls, ceilings and floors of kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, outdoor toilets, sheds and garages in houses built before 1987.

Fairfield mayor Frank Carbone said asbestos needs to be disposed of safely.

"Disturbed asbestos can release dangerous fibres that, if inhaled, may pose a health risk to you and your family,"he said.

"Asbestos that is sealed, that is left undisturbed and in good condition doesn't pose a health risk.

"We know that disposing of asbestos can be expensive and we want to make it easier to keep your family safe.

"Council's free Household Asbestos Removal Program was put in place to help keep your family safe and to prevent the illegal dumping of asbestos into our environment."

Registrations are required as places are limited. Registrations close March 13 with collection taking place in the week of March 30.

Register: fairfieldasbestosremoval.eventbrite.com.au or call 9725 0222.