Dog-groomer is a perfect fit for television show

It was on the car ride home from the dog stylist - the first and only time her beloved two-year-old Cavoodle Harvey would visit a dog-groomer - that Edensor Park resident Annie Xaypangna realised something had to change.

"He was beautiful and fluffy when I dropped him off and when I picked him up he looked like a rat. It was horrible," she said.

"For the whole car ride home he didn't look at me and looked out the window and that's when I knew I couldn't take him back there and I tried to research where I could take him but a lot of places were really busy, crowded or had cages.

"So I got my qualifications in professional dog-grooming and the more I went to dog-grooming school, the happier I became as a person but than also sad because I knew that the short course was coming to an end and then I thought it doesn't have to come to an end."

It led to the birth of A Doggy Wears Pawda. A luxury dog-grooming spa where dogs can come in and receive everything from a wash and a dry to a facial and 'pawdicure'.

From styling her neighbours and friends dogs, Annie's business has grown in the past two years to a point where she can't take new customers on.

It was while running workshops at the Sydney Dog Lovers Show when she was approached to apply for Channel Seven's new show Pooch Perfect.

Brad and Annie.

Brad and Annie.

Annie beat out thousands of applicants to be selected for the show alongside Melbourne-based friend Brad Broadway. Hosted by Rebel Wilson, the show will see 10-teams style and design their assigned dog against the Pooch Perfect clock for judges Amber Lewin and Colin Taylor. The winning team will be crowned Australia's Greatest Pet Stylist and win $100,000.

"It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity," Annie said of her experience on the show which was filmed at the end of last year.

"It is a very different show. You have renovation, relationship and cooking shows, but this is the first time ever there is a dog show.

"Brad and I are like chalk and cheese. When he walks into a room you notice his presence because he is full of energy, while I'm more calm and quiet but we work well as a team.

"Rebel was amazing. The Rebel you see in the movies is pretty much what you see in real life. She is a really nice person and at the end of filming she gave us a gift and was always there to give you a hug if you needed it."

Ms Xaypangna is no stranger to mingling with celebrities. She has styled her fair share of Instagram-famous pooches including Lewis the Cavoodle and Charlie and Pumpkin. She has also styled dogs for the red carpet of the Sydney Dog Lovers Show and the Sydney Opera Show.

She said her 90-minutes up-market styling service (which she juggles while working in human resources), is built on trust and care.

"I treat every dog like they are my own," she said.

"The first thing I do is look at a dog and work out its best feature... whether that is big ears or beautiful eyes - and I try to draw the attention to those features."

As for her advice to amateur pet stylists?

"Consistency is key. If they don't like something, keep doing it because it will train them and become normal. Trust is also very important so that they can feel like you're not going to hurt them," she said.

  • Pooch Perfect premiers on Channel Seven tonight at 7.30pm.