Work delayed on Hughes Street car park

The new car park.
The new car park.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, there will be a small delay to the start of the new Hughes Street car park.

As such, the planned closure for the Hughes Street car park will not take place on February 24 as advised.

The new 220-space multi-storey car park has been described by Fairfield mayor Frank Carbone as a "big win for shoppers, businesses and local residents".

Located at the corner of Hughes Street and Dutton Lane, the coloured panel faade building will connect to the existing multi-storey car park with access to a new lift and pedestrian connection to the existing Dutton Plaza lifts.

It will include bicycle and motorcycle parking in addition to car parking, bringing the total number of parking spaces in the Dutton Lane precinct to 992.

The $10 million car park will feature:

  • Rainwater harvesting and solar energy collection.
  • Electric car charging bays.
  • Improvements to the information signs including available parking numbers.

"We have listened to local residents, businesses and shoppers who have all told us that they want convenient access to parking in the Cabramatta town centre so they can get on with their daily lives with minimal fuss," Mr Carbone said

"Council is committed to supporting local businesses and our vibrant town centre. This car park will go a long way to supporting shoppers and businesses in this popular destination.

"With more than 1300 off-street car parking spaces provided by council in the Cabramatta town centre, in addition to the 1600 on-street spaces nearby, council continues to support the economic health and ongoing vibrancy of the town centre."

Council expects the new car park to provide an additional 350,000 parking spaces per year. The current Dutton Lane precinct has a parking turnover of 1.1 million per year.

It will operate under a timed and paid system with prices starting at $2 for the first two hours.

The new Hughes Street car park is due for completion by the end of 2020.