New smart bins are more 'efficient'

Fairfield mayor Frank Carbone said the roll out of smart rubbish bins in city centres will ensure council rates remain "among the lowest" in Sydney.

The smart bins have sensors that provide real-time data about when the rubbish bins need emptying which will allows council to optimise garbage trucks' routes, boosting the efficiency of collection.

Over time, the data collected from the smart bins will ensure bins are placed in the best locations by identifying high litter areas.

"Sensors in the rubbish bin tell council how full the bins are, which means council knows when to collect the rubbish," Mr Carbone said.

"Now council won't waste time and effort collecting the bin if not needed, but we can also ensure we always empty bins before they overflow.

"It's about using resources most efficiently when needed and keeping our rates among the lowest in Sydney."

Council is progressively making more use of smart technology across its services, including smart irrigation and lighting for sporting fields. They also have 15 compactor public rubbish bins across the city, which squash collected waste meaning bins need to be emptied less often.