Valerie was Bob's perfect catch

Valerie Lada will be forever Bob's perfect catch. The pair married on December 12, 1953 and were residents of Mount Pritchard since 1962 and had four children.

Bob said the secret to their marriage was they always loved sharing each other's hobbies which led them spending plenty of time in their caravan on the South Coast where they caught lots of fish. Valerie enjoyed her gardening and sharing that with Bob who brought her into his fishing world.

Unfortunately Valerie, who previously beat breast cancer, died from a heart attack on November 28 after suffering from Alzheimer's for the past six years. Bob retired in 1988 to look after his wife following her cancer diagnoses. Today (December 12) would have been the couple's 66th wedding anniversary.

Neighbour Randa Lipari said they "always stayed together and looked after one another."

"They never stopped flirting with each other. It was very sweet to see; even at their tender age," she said.