Celebrate the festive season sustainably

Be festive and sustainable

Christmas and New Year celebrations are a wonderful opportunity to relax with friends and family, but unfortunately the season is not so great for our environment.

Research by Sydney University showed Australians typically generate 30 per cent more household waste during the festive season and throw away the equivalent of 50,000 trees of wrapping paper.

Naturally it would be better not to generate this waste in the first place, but until we lift our green credentials, innovative recycling giant TerraCycle has solutions that prevent these items from going into landfill, and save you the hassle of sorting out what is and isn't accepted in kerbside recycling.

On Christmas Day, why not place a wrapping paper and gift waste box somewhere near the tree, so that everything that comes off the presents, including all the ribbons, bows and any present toppers can go straight into recycling.

Do the same on New Year's Eve, with TerraCycle's dining disposables and party supplies Zero Waste Box.

Throw in all your party waste: single-use cups (ie. Styrofoam, paper, plastic), plates, storage containers, utensils, straws, wrapping paper, ribbons, bows, tissue paper, napkins, garlands, noise makers, party favours, punch bowls, balloons, and confetti.

TerraCycle has more than 100 Zero Waste Boxes to choose from, so you will also be able to get rid of your unwanted gifts such as novelty socks and cheap Kris Kringle items, or your unsavoury celebratory remains such as cigarette butts, snack food wrappers and even chewing gum.

The price of the Zero Waste Box includes return postage and covers the cost of processing the waste to ensure it does not end up in landfill. Most of the items collected would not be accepted in your council's recycling bins.

TerraCycle also works with major brands to offer free recycling programs for items such as oral care waste (including electric toothbrushes), coffee capsules and beauty products, with the manufacturers also donating an amount to charity determined by the amount of waste collected on their behalf.

All the waste collected by TerraCycle is converted into a variety of raw materials and made into new products.

To learn more about TerraCycle or get involved in its recycling programs, visit terracycle.com.au.