'Fire in her belly': Natasha's dedicated martial arts journey

When telling Natasha Mitrevski's martial arts story, there are two tales that stick out.

There's the one abut the eight-year-old not being happy about missing two training sessions in the past four years travelling from Fairfield West to GDS Training Force in Catherine Field (anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour) up to five-times-a-week.

She trains no less than two-hours a day doing classes, private training sessions and also trains at home doing her own strength and conditioning circuits. She competes in all aspects of the sport: traditional, extreme, fighting and wrestling.

Sensei Georgina Daghel Saab said of her commitment: "I have never in my whole career seen a child so passionate about their sport, she has a fire in her belly and a dedication that cannot be taught."

The second story is about the time her mum accidentally entered her into an advanced black belt division when Natasha is in fact meant to be in an intermediate division.

At the time she was a green belt (now a blue belt) and only started competitions in February after training in karate, kickboxing and extreme martial arts since she was four.

It was decided she would remain competing against the more advanced competitors.

And the result? Three gold, 10 silver and eight bronze medals in only a 10-month period.

Her latest success came at the ISKA National Championships where she was crowned national champion in extreme martial arts (XMA) forms, second in sumo and third in clash fighting

She also holds an overall ISKA Australian Ranking in the 8-9-year-old advanced black belt division (when she is only a blue belt) of second (sumo), third (point fighting), third (clash fighting), second (XMA forms) and sixth (traditional forms).

So why did Natasha decide to take up martial arts?

"I wanted to do martial arts because I thought it would be fun. Mum and dad always said it would be important to learn how to defend myself," she said.

"My favourite thing about martial arts is sparring with my team mates and competing in tournaments."

Next year the plan is to go to America in July for the World Games and the US Open.