LETTERS | The mystery of Carramar's dead fish

I live on Waterside Crescent at Carramar and there are a lot of dead fish on the waterways here. There are lots of dead carps, eels, mullets and lots and lots of breams floating up and down with the tide. Last Sunday the water seemed OK but on Monday when I went out to our backyard I saw a couple of dead fish going up-stream so I went down to the jetty and started to see that more dead fish were coming up.

In a half-hour I counted two dozen eels, a dozen carps, mullets and a lot more breams. Yesterday the dead fish were still going up and down with the tide. Altogether there are more than 100 dead fish. Some of the neighbors are aware of it. I rang Fairfield Council.

I'm a cabinetmaker by trade but last August I was made redundant so I'm considering applying for the age pension but I'd much rather get a job because I'm not good not working.

HUGO BUFFA, Carramar

Fairfield Council responds

The council is aware of the reports of dead fish at Carramar.

The council's officers tested the water quality in Orphan School Creek three weeks ago and results showed no obvious traces of water-body contamination.

The council has conducted further water-sampling and analysis. We have informed Sydney Water and the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) of the issue and will continue to liaise with both organisations.

Spokesperson, Fairfield Council

HALLOWEEN: Crafty ideas from a teacher.

HALLOWEEN: Crafty ideas from a teacher.

For a less scary Halloween

For many parents, Halloween falls into the extras category, having to do mask-making, costume-hunting and trick-or-treating. It can also be scary. Here are some tips:

Comfort Zone: Always keep it simple to avoid stress and minimise mess.

Tool kit: You don't need buckets of felt-tips, glue, glitter and paper. Choose key materials that are easy to use and low on mess, like coloured card, coloured pens or markers, string and a stapler. Put in a container to stop them rolling off the table.

HALLOWEEN: Crafty ideas from a teacher.

HALLOWEEN: Crafty ideas from a teacher.

Don't be scary: Opt for bright colours and simple designs that spark kids' imaginations without being frightening.

Get help: There are plenty of resources online. I've developed two easy craft activities I'm sharing on my Instagram page ohcreativeday: a mix'n'match monster mask and a pumpkin patch.


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