Police issue warning over bogus charity collectors

Police have issued a warning following an incident where a bogus charity collector was door knocking houses in Fairfield.

About noon on Wednesday, October 9, a resident of Lawrence Street Fairfield has reported a man has door knocked purporting to be collecting money on behalf of the Red Cross charity.

The man, only described as being in his 40's, claimed he was a volunteer and collecting money on behalf of the charity organisation.

A donation was provided, and he left. The resident became suspicious and contacted the Red Cross organisation who advised they did not have any charity collectors in the area.

All reputable organisations will provide their charity collectors with photo identity and if you are considering donating to these organisations always ask to see this, and ensure you receive a receipt that should be stamped with the organisations logo and ABN.

If you are uncertain about the credibility of a person, obtain their details and contact the relevant organisation.