Funding to fight fraud in Fairfield

A $50,000 state government grant will help safeguard older people and migrants in Fairfield against fraud.

The grant, part of the latest round of the state government's $10 million crime prevention grants program, will utilise a range of initiatives to raise awareness of fraud through workshops, as well as social media and marketing campaigns.

Young people in Fairfield will also be invited to help develop and implement the project as a way of bridging the generation gap.

Liberal MP Lou Amato MLC said Fairfield has one of the highest rates of fraud in NSW, according to the Bureau for Crime Statistics and Research.

"The elderly, newly-arrived residents and people with a disability are soft targets for scammers and they're often reluctant to report these crimes because they may feel embarrassed even though it's certainly not their fault," Mr Amato said.

"This project is designed to give communities the tools to defend themselves against a wide range of fraud including internet scams, identity theft and dodgy investment schemes."

On Wednesday, Attorney-General Mark Speakman and Police Minister David Elliott announced six new projects worth almost $300,000 designed to drive down crime.

"Con artists use trickery and high pressure tactics to fool people into parting with their money, so this initiative is a great way of putting the power back in the hands of community members," Mr Speakman said.

"Everyone deserves to feel safe in and around their home and this program is all about empowering local communities to help tackle the issues they face."

Mr Elliott said: "Anyone can be taken in by a scam so it's critical we educate and support vulnerable people who could be exploited due to their age, disability or cultural background."