JOB SERVICES | Trieu Huy notches up work

Trieu Huy Nham, of Cabramatta, has been working continuously for more than 30 years, a significant milestone because he has an intellectual disability.

He currently works at Dooleys Catholic Club at Lidcombe where he's been for coming up to three years, since 2016. Before that he was at the Hilton Hotel chain for 16 years, from 1986 to 2002, and subsequently at the Sheraton on the Park for 14 years, from 2002 to 2016.

All up, he's been continuously working for 33 years, through Jobsupport.

On September 3, Jobsupport celebrated their clients' employment, with hundreds getting awards from Senator Anne Ruston. Awards were given to employers and clients for their tenure milestones.

Trieu Huy was among a special seven who got a 30-year award. These seven have paved the way for others to enter into open employment through the help of a disability-employment service.

Jobsupport is specifically for people with an intellectual disability. Their team works with employers and the prospective employee to customise a job that meets the needs of the employer and the employee.

Jobsupport is present for onboarding and is actively involved throughout the continuing employment.

Work for Trieu Huy has meant he's been able to buy his own home which he shares with his family at Cabramatta. He enjoys spending time with his two daughters and regularly goes to the movies and loves eating out at his favourite Vietnamese restaurant.

Trieu Huy loves being at Dooleys Catholic Club. He said: "The staff are all very nice and I enjoy all my tasks in the kitchen."

He's a great example of hard work equals success, regardless of any barriers -- perceived or otherwise. Jobsupport believes his story is "quite inspirational".

Paul Jury, executive chef at Dooleys, said: "Trieu Huy has been part of the Dooleys team for coming up to three years and we enjoy his presence in the kitchen.

"Trieu Huy always has a smile on his face and lifts up the mood of the team on a daily basis. Dooleys is privileged to have him work for us as part of our team."

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Kerry Psaradellis is marketing co-ordinator at JobSupport.

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